Monday, November 28, 2011


The Things We Do on CD Baby

[.Descarga.]: The Things We Do

Friday, November 25, 2011

Say What?! Free download?

That's right! Go ahead, now... download: 'Dejame Saber'

The Things We Do is available on iTunesAmazonCD Baby or your favorite digital distributor.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Molotov Concert - Friday, November 4th at Congress Theater (Chicago)

We're ready to rock Congress Theater this Friday, along with our buddies Cuadro Azul and Monte Negro, performing for the opening of Molotov. It's on!

In celebration, we're going to be giving away the last of any free passes we might have and the rest of the discount tickets tomorrow, Tuesday evening, prior to our rehearsal for Friday's show. Stop by, have a beer on us, get your discount passes and listen to some tunes by Tony as he spins a bit while the band sets up. We're located in Wicker Park, right around the six corners area. Send us an email for details!

8-10PM, Tuesday, November 1st, [.DESCARGA.] Studios

If you haven't heard our latest single, The Funeral, here you go.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Week of August 22nd, 2011

So yeah, it's been a great week so far. It's Tuesday, which means rehearsal so we created a few new songs, went over our set for Sunday's CD Release Party and discussed our upcoming gigs to California. This is our first trip out there as a band and we're stoked. We've traveled to other cities in the past, for example New York, Atlanta and even Mexico (Tijuana for the Jaguarton) but California is something we've been looking to for a long time now. This is going to be awesome!

On the weekend's recap, we were over at Junior's on Saturday night to catch Velorio who were in town for the weekend. They tore that place up! A wee wee! The place was jumping with bailadores all night. It was definitely a good time and that's why playing with them in Anaheim at the end of September is something we're so excited about. Those guys can rock!

On Sunday, we had some badass bar-b-q over at Fat Willie's with Velorio. We were pleased to hear the guys enjoyed the food (and the coffee) so we were glad we decided on that over the usual pizza places we head out to for los turistas. Ay tu. Puro rocanrol!

After tonight's rehearsal we're heading over to Crocodile for Tony's DJ set. If you're out and about, join us. If he can make us dance, he'll definitely make you dance. Don't forget to catch his set with electronic musician Kampion at Abbey Pub on Friday for this year's Festival of Latin Electronic Music.

See you Sunday, August 28th at Joe's Bar (on Weed Street) for Vocalo Presents: The Music Vox Live for our CD Release Party. Joining us on stage,  >>radiant devices<<, with host Jesse Menendez.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

CD Release Party! 89.5FM Vocalo Presents: The Music Vox Live at Joe's

Come out and enjoy a free show! 89.5 FM is the place for local music and great artist interviews-experience this for yourself on August 28th with an evening of live music featuring Chicago's experimental rock group »radiant devices«, a band that wields unique instrumentation including metal percussion (gas tanks, metal springs and sheets, a satellite dish, etc.) Also performing will be rock band [.DESCARGA.], they will also be celebrating their new release, “The Things We Do”. 6-9PM

Review: The Things We Do

Here's the first review for our new album "The Things We Do" (available on iTunes).

(Mike Borden Photography)

"Holy shit.

That is all I kept thinking when listening to [.DESCARGA.]‘s new EP The Things We Do (due August 9, 2011).  From the perspective of an outsider, it seemed as if the band spent the last year or so in a state of transition." Read the entire review...